Tetris 99 Team Battle Arrives In New Update

tetris 99 team battle

The most recent block-based battler from Nintendo is getting a new Tetris 99 team battle update that will introduce a different way to play the classic Nintendo title with friends.

At launch Tetris 99 embraced the online battle royale genre, pitting players against a torrent of other players, whittling down potential adversaries as you compete to be the last block builder in a 99 way Tetris face off. Now, the latest update to this version of Tetris is due to let friends play together in a team Battel mode. Tea, battle mode draws the focus away from personal performance and encourages players to compete together.

Playing Together

Before heading into a match, players are expected to pick their favorite of four teams before they get going. In the end, the last team standing becomes the victor and the members of this team share victory. On the road to success, players who get knocked out from the online action will still be able to spectate the progress of their teammates and even interact by sending cheer to their team. Fundamentally, the gameplay of Tetris 99 doesn’t change a whole lot with this update and the new play mode is completely free for players who need something to occupy them before the launch of the next Maximus cup.

Thankfully, you won’t have long to wait. The new Maximus Cup kicks off on m 12th December and runs all the way up until 16th December. It takes full advantage of the new feature, with Nintendo confirming that “points will be awarded based on placements during each match, and at the end of the event the top 999 players will each win 999 Gold Points”.

This isn’t the only change to the latest update with a bunch of extra rewards added to the game, inspired by Tetris® from the original Game Boy™ game, Splatoon™, Fire Emblem™: Three Houses and Super Kirby Clash™. A range of new button configurations are also at a player’s fingertips too. To check out more on Tetris 99 team battle and the new update to the game head over to the Nintendo eShop or have a gander at our coverage Tetris 99 on Gamespace.


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