TGA 2020: Ride & Battle Dragons in Century: Age of Ashes

This week’s The Game Awards was a big one for major game announcements including Century: Age of Ashes by Playwing. Players will be able to ride dragons and take the fight to others in the upcoming multiplayer arena shooter. The plan is to release Century into Steam early access in February 2021.

Features include:

  • Intense Arena Battles: Compete in intense multiplayer arena battles, master your dragon, and show enemies your power in high-speed dogfights. The arena is unforgiving and you must be as well if you want to survive! Triumph with your team in 3 game modes: Carnage (Team Deathmatch), Survival (6v6v6 – Last Team Standing), and Raid (Capture the Flag)!
  • Choose Your Playstyle: Experience different play styles with 3 unique classes, each with its own abilities! Shield and disorient as the Windguard, track and destroy as the Marauder, or stealth and trap as the Phantom. How will you choose your path to victory? New classes will be added to the game regularly.
  • Full Customization: Stand out on the battlefield with prestigious gear and legendary dragons that only true dragoneers can possess! As you progress, every level gained opens up opportunities to make your class characters and dragons look unique with new customization options. Gain experience in battle to hatch new dragons to ride. As mighty as you may look riding into battle, Century: Age of Ashes is a game of skill where all customization options are solely cosmetic.

Check out the Century: Age of Ashes official page to learn more.

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