TGA 2020 – The Next Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer

The developers from Bioware have taken part in The Game Awards 2020 to reveal the official teaser trailer for the next installment in fantasy RPG series Dragon Age. The short teaser trailer, narrated by everyone’s favorite dwarven rogue companion Varric, gives players a reminder of the things that happened in Thedas previously and hints at the things yet to come.

The world of Dragon Age needs a new hero – someone who can take on the evil forces threatening Thedas. Get a first look at some of the new locations you’ll discover and the factions fighting by your side in the next chapter of Dragon Age.

Demons, Dragons, Darkspawn… Even the Dread Wolf. This is your story.

The official Dragon Age site has also been updated with four short stories featuring new and old characters:

  • The Next One by Brianne Battye. A Grey Warden stands his ground against the dark. The story features Evka Ivo, a Dwarven Grey Warden who has previously made an appearance in Tevinter Nights (Hunger by Brianne Battye).
  • Ruins of Reality by John Dombrow. Elves Discover something has gone wrong in Arlathan Forest. The story features Dalish Elves Strife and Irelin, heroes featured in Tevinter Nights (Three Trees to Midnight by Patrick Weekes).
  • The Wake by Mary Kirby. Members of Crows grieve the loss of a friend. This short story features three Antivan Crows who have made their appearance in a couple of stories from Tevinter Nights and mentions another one: Lucanis and Illario Dellamorte (The Wigmaker Job by Courtney Woods), Viago De Riva and Andarateia Cantori (Eight Little Talons by Courtney Woods).
  • Minrathous Shadows by Sheryl Chee. A high-stakes game of cards ends in a shocking revelation. Probably the most mysterious of the four short stories, it takes place in Tevinter’s capital and features new characters.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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