The 5 Most-Anticipated Esports Events


It’s a strange world we live in right now with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting lives and events across the globe, but esports seems to be resilient. While some leagues have suffered major changes, it is esports that have remained over traditional sports. Today we’re going over some of the 5 most anticipated esports events of 2020 of which sportsbookreview will have the top picks for so you can make some extra cash on the side while enjoying the best gaming has to offer.

In the past few weeks, many events such as the ESL One Los Angeles event and the majority of the League of Legends national leagues have either been postponed or have gone into a remote format and that has changed this list drastically because events such as the Mid-Season Invitational which is Riot Games’ first international event of the year, will probably be canceled. Such is the case for many other DOTA 2 and CS:GO events that were going to take place across the globe in countries like Brazil, the United States and many countries in Asia. This makes the events at the end of the year some of the most anticipated ones as fans are eager to flood venues once again and cheer on for their favorite teams. It would be disastrous if some of these events get canceled or postponed but we hope that we can go back to normalcy soon with this pandemic situation.

The first event of this list is the League of Legends World Championship. After the Mid-Season Invitational was postponed and will likely be canceled at this point, it seems natural that the World Championship known simply as Worlds has become one of the most anticipated events. Everyone is wondering whether we will be able to enjoy any kind of international League of Legends event this year and after the performance that underdog teams have had in many regions, it’s natural to want to see them compete internationally. In China, a rookie-studded team in ESTAR GAMING has been ravaging the competition even taking down the previous world champions of ROYAL NEVER GIVE UP, in North America, CLOUD 9has risen to the top once again and TEAM SOLOMID seems to be back in the game, leaving the previous best team in the league, TEAM LIQUID, out of competition for now. Even Latin America has been shaken up with its latest champion featuring the best players in the region currently placed 4th in the league.

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Another event we’re all curious about is DOTA 2’s The International, essentially Dota 2’s world championship and one of the events with the highest prize pools in esports history. This massive event is one of the most anticipated esports events every year because of how fervent and zealous Dota 2 fans can be and because every year, we’re surprised by magnificent upsets and incredibly clutch matches whether it’s the Europeans, Chinese or Peruvians that upset a favorite team during the last stages of the tournament. With many DOTA 2 major events being canceled or postponed, it’s a matter of time for fans to start wanting to know more about how The International will be taking place this year.

EVO or the Evolution Series is actually a very anticipated fighting game event that usually takes place in July or August, meaning it’s just around the corner but will the pandemic make this event be canceled? As opposed to other events, EVO isn’t one that can be easily moved to a remote or closed-quarter setting because EVO is an open tournament, meaning that players don’t qualify to it via a series of regional qualifiers but they all register to an open tournament that weekend from which 8 players move to the finals. EVO is a massive event that sees a lot of players and fans come to compete, watch and have fun in Las Vegas but it’s probably one that will very likely be canceled if this pandemic does not stop soon.

The last two events are a two in one, both ESL One Cologne and ESL One Rio are some of the most important CS:GO events in the world and they are both at risk of being canceled too. They’re highly anticipated by fans of CS:GO in a season boosted by new teams showing up and old titans like Astralis and MIBR struggling to keep up.

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