The 7 Best Football Games of All Time


Do you love football? Perhaps you like playing football on your computer. The reality is, football is one of the most popular games around today. It has more and more people following it than ever, more media outlets covering it, more journalists writing about it and more coverage on television. But best of all, there are more football games than ever. Football games have been a cornerstone of the computer world for a couple of decades now. If you’ve got a console or a PC and you’re a fan of football, you’ve probably played them by now. If you want to know a bit more about the best football games of all time, you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at some old classics as well as some modern gems so you know a bit more about which ones you might want to play.

Football on computers has been popular for a while. Many fans of football video games are also fans of online betting, and love using sites like Efirbet to know more about bookmakers and weigh up their bets and have fun with football on their computer. But if you want to know the best 7 football games of all time, let’s have a look:

Championship Manager 01/02

Championship manager was one of the most popular management franchises that people poured hours, days and months into. The 01/02 version is arguable the best one that was ever made, and people still play it today.

Sensible Soccer

While this game might seem a bit basic now, it was highly influential and one of the most fun soccer games ever when it first came out.

Football 1

Football Manager

It’s hard to pick the best FM game ever, and this is actually the game CM became. People argue it isn’t as good anymore, but it can still give you hours of fun.

Pro Evolution Soccer

There was a time when Pro Evo rivaled FIFA in popularity and quality. The first couple of Pro Evo games were some of the best and most realistic football games ever created. While Pro Evo back then didn’t have proper team names or players, don’t let this put you off.

Rocket League

This one might not really seem like a football game, but it is. Just with cars. It’s incredibly popular and is also played competitively online with loads of people.


It’s hard to really pick the best FIFA game, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it. FIFA gets better every year, and while some people might argue other editions took bigger leaps forward, if you want to enjoy it you’re probably best starting with the most recent version.

One of the best parts of FIFA is the FUT online mode. It’s a game in itself and many people buy FIFA just for that while ignoring the other game modes. Give it a go.

Football 2

Ultimate Soccer Manager

Not many people remember this one, but it was a bit of a classic. You could even decide to upgrade stands in the stadium yourself, or bung other managers and bet on your own team!

These were some of the best football games around for some time. Which do you prefer? If you want something new that you can start playing straight away, stick to FIFA or FM, or even Rocket League. However, if you’d rather see what classics used to be like, you have plenty to choose from here. Some people still enjoy some of these other games today.

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