The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Has A PC Release Date

alliance alive hd remastered

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered isn’t far away and the re-issue of this classic RPG finally has a PC launch date. Get ready to go on an adventure in early 2020.

Originally released in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS back in June 2017, the high definition revision of this JRPG hit western Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles throughout October 2019. Now, publisher NIS has confirmed that PC adventurers will come along for the ride on 16 January 2020. If you haven’t had an opportunity to catch the news, The Alliance Alive HD Remastered takes players through a vast journey and a quest to unite the realms and return the sky to their world. A team of heroes known as the Black Crows. After the human world lays decimated and split into four segments, these nine characters stood at the tip of the spear as we push back against a malevolent force. The original release of this JRPG made it something of a cult classic back on its first round but the reissue of the Furyu developed title adds a whole way to experience the game.

Improved graphics bring a vibrant new view on the world as players venture across a range of locations and encounter a variety of humans, Daemons, and Beastfolk all with their own background, motivations, and combat style. On PC, the game should easily manage to top 60 FPS and make the wait worth it when you pick this up via Steam, GoG, or Utomik storefronts.


I can’t wait to see this title jump from the small screen onto a fully fledged gaming monitor. The Alliance Alive HD Remastered might still be months away but you can check out the console comparison trailer above and head over to the official website now to find out more about the title before the PC adventure begins.


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