The Ballad Singer Debuts on Android

the ballad singer

The Ballad Signer may have already told a tale or two on desktop but now Android owners can jump in and adventure as this fantasy tale comes to the Google Play Store.

Originally released at the start of this year, the RPG come visual novel adventure brings a superbly illustrated quest to the small screen and challenges players to forge the fate of Hesperia. As the game winds its way through four distinct tales of love, loss, and glory an ever changing world unfolds. The Ballad Singer borrows elements form game books and visual novels to write the narrative as the player proceeds. Over 1700 different stories, four unique central characters, and 40 endings are on offer, depending on the actions of the central character in this tale.

Developer Curtel Games has clearly poured a lot of love into this title, painstakingly illustrating every turn that the game can take, narrating 40 hours of dialogue, crafting three tiers of difficulty, and even crafting 400 different deaths. The asymmetrical narrative that weaves its way through this title comes with an entirely new interface for the mobile outing. Anybody who isn’t entirely sure about this on the go iteration can head over to the Google Play Store and sample the storytelling for free. The opening prologue is free to download try before handing over the rest of your hard-earned coinage or local equivalent. It includes at least two of the game’s main protagonists, Leon and Ancoran, giving players an opportunity to get used to the game. In a rather unusual move, we can expect the iOS port to come later for apple owners.

Normally it is quite hard to cut through the glut of mobile games but this visual novel style game looks to be worth our coin at least. You can check out the PC version over on Steam and pack up for adventure on the Google Play Store.


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