The Best 6 Online Games Made by Women

Online Games

Online games are always popular among customers worldwide. These games grab one’s attention thanks to the design or enhanced features. No matter the reason for such popularity, we will point out some of the most interesting games made by women. To learn more about this, make sure to read the article until the end.

Women in the Role of Creators

Not long ago, women were not involved in any game development. According to the official report, about 50 years ago, we had only one woman being a gaming designer. Things have significantly changed over the past years, and today we have about 25% female designers in the gaming industry. The male population, on the other hand, stands out with 75% of active creators of games. Based on the Diversity Report from the International Game Developers Association, other designers belong to Transgender and other groups, while 6% of the correspondents refused to reply to this question.


The first game created by women is known as Speedway—Tag. Here we actually have two games, which is amazing. Thanks to the successful synergy, the game was created during the 1960s by Joyce Weisbecker. This woman was known for her father, who worked at RCA when the computer was costly (up to $25,000). Joyce’s father was successful in creating his computer, named FRED.

The father’s profession was very inspiring for Joyce. When she was on college break, her father asked her to create the game for the company, RCA. This was more than motivating for the first women in the gaming industry, who programmed from a younger age. As a result of the hard work, Joyce was successful in designing and also became the first indie woman to create a game.

Online Games


The next title developed by a woman is an arcade game, released in 1980. Here you will see the main character winding down from the top of your screen, allowing you to shoot away all across his body. In addition to it, you will be targeting other creatures such as spiders, scorpions, and bugs.

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Centipede is one of the most prominent and successful arcade games. It was designed by Dona Bailey, who left the gaming industry 26 years after the official release. According to her words, she suffered from great pressure and criticism from male colleagues. However, Dona’s game remained a real masterpiece in the sector.

Gravity Ghost

If you are ready to explore the galaxy and its incredible planets, you should join another game created by a woman – Gravity Ghost. Take part in this chance and reveal all planets, run, jump, and use gravity to travel through the air. You will also get an opportunity to save the galaxy and rescue its survivors while having additional power. The game has already become more than popular on famous platforms such as Steam. It is created by another indie woman in the industry – Erin Robinson, behind the label of the indie company – Ivy Games. Erin is another dedicated woman who used to create popular games since 2005. In addition to it, she is also a teacher and active speaker, focused on innovation.

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Going forward, we can also speak about another popular gaming app – Talkspace. The game turned to be popular therapy, and everyone was visiting Talkspace without going to offices. The game changed the traditional way of therapy, which was amazing.

The creator of the game was another woman – Roni Frank – who joined forces with her husband Oren to deliver this amazing app. Those who use the app start by talking with a therapist to determine the exact therapy needs. Players can choose from various plans, including the lowest – $32 per week. Thanks to the app, you will certainly receive up to 2 responses each day, with the additional possibility to schedule a video chat.


Portal is another successful game, with a puzzle theme. It came from Valve and was originally known as Narbacular Drop. The game was created by Kim Swift with support from DigiPen. The gameplay of Narbacular Drop follows the same example as Portal.

Portal allows players to solve puzzles using the portals! The main character holds a portal gun, which is also able to crate and keep two portals at the same time. You are looking to get at a good surface and shoot.

Loopin’ Louie

If you prefer board games, we can recommend Loopin’ Louie, named after the main character, Louie, who flies with the airplane in a circle. However, your farm with chicken is placed just in the direction of his flight path. This title was created by another woman in the industry, Carol Wiseley.

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