The best landing spots in PUBG’s Erangel map


It feels like only yesterday that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, was released, along with its best and well-known map since it launched called Erangel. Picturesque towns, rolling hills, farmland, and houses fill the map, all providing different tactical advantages. But where on the map should you be landing? Read on to reveal all.

In a nutshell, you’ll benefit from better loot in areas with more structures, although this means more players will drop in these areas. New players to the game tend to scope out the less busy areas, landing in places that are less built up. Even one house is could be enough to give you all the equipment you need to survive for first place.

We’ve selected some of our favorite landing spots in Erangel, and explained why we think they are the most suitable to heighten your chances of survival, although you could also check out more of the PUBG Interactive maps from Gosu.

#1. Quarry

To the Southwest of the PUBG map, you’ll find the Quarry. Rare gear is often spawned here, and there are lots of buildings to hide in. This medium risk area has a good chance of bumping into conflict due to the open space available, but it is a great location if the Safe Zone heads in this direction.

#2 Georgopol

Next up on our list is the biggest town on the Erangel map, although it suffices to say it looks a little run down. There are lots of empty and destroyed apartment buildings as an example. This medium-High risk location has a good chance of some great loot, although bumping into others is also very likely so landing here, to begin with, could prove risky. If you do manage to survive, there is a good chance of locating a vehicle, not a bad idea to consider once you have some in-game experience.

#3 Sosnova Military Base

Many consider this location as the riskiest landing spot on the map. Here you’ll find some rare loot, meaning the more experienced players also come here first. It’s also challenging to get away from as its secluded on the island’s Southside.

#4 School, Rozhok

There are plenty of chances of obtaining high gear at the school, and thanks to its central location, it’s also very demanded by other players. Drop here when the match begins and prepare to fight. It’ll take a while to loot the buildings, but you’ll almost certainly find a vehicle nearby the garage. The Safe Zone is never too far away, thanks to the central location.

#5 Stalber

Stalber is a slightly lower risk as it has very little loot at the mountain location, making it a safe place to land. You won’t find much here, and you’ll have a trek to get to the next area.

PUBG Erangel

#6. The Bunkers

If you want Exotic loot, then this high-risk location is where it is at. The tunneled zone isn’t the easiest to navigate or get away from as everyone else looks for all those Exotics, good luck getting out alive!

#7 Novorepnoye

This high-risk location of a container dock is a tricky one due to the blind spots and open spaces available. High-level players love this one for its arrays of loot, and there are also good chances of finding boats and cars. Will you try your luck?

#8. The Crater, Southwest of Lipovka

As the name suggests, this location is essentially a hole in the ground surrounded by warehouses and other structures. You’ll find lots of gear, although lots of others will land here, snipers especially using the crater for cover. In short, this one is hugely risky!

#9 The Villas

This is one of the smaller locations of the map, not ideal for collecting loot as it only has eight structures. A strategy is what it is used for though, as there’s an area up high that gives you an overlook to your surroundings. This is great if you get a squad together and defend with a sniper or two.

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Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the best Erangel landing spots, its time to go out and get rewarded with that ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’!

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