The Best Things in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series has often been characterized as predictable, but with the global lockdown and limited video game releases this year, everyone is aching for some predictability. That brings us to the latest installation in this title, Far Cry 6, a game that has been highly hyped since its official announcement. Unfortunately, its reception has been lukewarm at best despite its intense advertising. Here are the best things worth checking out to help you learn more about this first-person shooter game.

Yara is a Picturesque Location

Ubisoft has a reputation for creating unique, explorable worlds for its games, and Far Cry 6 isn’t an exception to this trend. This globetrotting series has created its fair share of interesting and exotic locations and Far Cry 6 brings the action to the Caribbean. The game takes place in Yara, a secluded Island yet to completely recover from a harsh revolution half a century ago. That means you have enough materials to gobble up if you’re looking for eye-candy potential.

With Far Cry 6, the developers are continuing with their efforts to create large and immersive worlds, delivering something that threatens even the most stunning open worlds out there. Yara is also brimming with dynamic life, following a realistic ecology suited for its location. That includes dynamic weather, day, night, and a functioning food chain.

Your Arsenal

Whether you want a weapon with a larger clip size, armor-piercing rounds, or better handling, the Far Cry 6 weapons shop will let you buy the guns you need to expand your arsenal from their vast armory. You can also get regular guns by completing quests, exploring the world, or buying them from various vendors.

Sometimes, you can find the guns in Libertad and FND Caches together with some useful crafting materials. The boxes are scattered all over Yara, but they’re mostly found in specific locations like restricted areas, cities, and hidden locations in different regions. You can also buy normal weapons from various vendors after taking over an FND Base. However, more items will be available at Juan’s Arms Dealers after increasing your guerrilla rank.

Far Cry 6 Is Available Now

Besides the regular versions, you can buy the best weapons at the Guerrilla Garrison. However, you can only construct this special vendor at the main Guerrilla base. That will cost you gasoline and metal to develop, but you should have enough for the task if you’ve been gathering resources throughout your journey. Additionally, you’re only allowed to create two specialty guerrilla structures in each base.

La Sopresa is among the best resolver weapons you can buy from Juan’s Arms Dealers and the best sniper rifle in the game. You can also purchase Zeusito for tanks and choppers, which will help you easily turn the battle tides in your favor. Other weapons include La Varita (best for clearing FND bases), the recurve bow (best stealth weapon), and Discos Locos (best for catchy chaos).

Traversal Abilities

Dani’s offensive arsenal is not the only exciting thing in Far Cry 6. The game is also equipped with lots of transversal gear like the parachute and the grappling hook. Even better, gamers can combine the two features together to create amazing in-game cutscenes. That can be hard to pull off at times, although the grappling areas are a few and can be far between.

Mythical Animals

In Far Cry 6, players must hunt down all the five mythical creatures to unlock their primal gear and the Ultimate Predator trophy. These mythical animals are more aggressive and have increased stealth than their regular counterparts, so it’s recommendable to try hunting them from level 15. Fortunately, you can use any weapon you choose to kill them as their pelts are indestructible. However, some of them have special abilities that make hunting them a challenge, but exciting too.

When approaching the animals, use heavy firepower and a good strategy to make sure you don’t have a lot of trouble hunting them. However, glitches in the game can be distracting, although it’s not that bad. Most of these glitches create some very funny moments like animals destroying something in the background as gamers talk to an NPC.

The glitches are quite easy to capture and you can record these clips to share with fans online. That’s the magic of playing games on a modern console as you can capture funny clips like horses making cars fly off and crocodiles destroying buildings.

Dani Rojas and the Supporting Cast

As the main character, Dani Rojas is a major step up for Far Cry 6. The players can choose the female or male version of the character. The characters are also voiced and it helps to engage the players more in this story instead of having a silent hero. The supporting cast can also be exciting, especially when the player is off the first island.

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