The Best Way to Play Online With Your Friends for Money

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Online games opened up a world of possibilities. Nowadays you can play games online with your friends and basically create a second virtual life using these digital avatars. However, these games can be really time-consuming, and many players don’t see that much appeal in them, given how you sit at your PC for hours.  Still, there are lots of other multiplayer games you can play with your friends online, including casino games. So, let’s see how you can do this and which casino games you should pick if you wish to do so.

Finding Games for More Players

One of the main issues here is that most of the content available at an online casino is designed for a single player. There are games like poker or blackjack where more players participate but you are matched with random users because playing poker with a friend would be cheating. That being said, you can still use Discord or another platform for communication and queue up at the same time, who knows maybe you will end up at the same virtual table.

Luckily, not all of the games on gambling platforms are strictly single-player experiences. If you were to look at the online casino site Belgium has to offer you will notice there is a section of luck-based games that aren’t competitive. These are lotteries and bingo games that more people can play at the same time. So, just agree on the time and the name of the game you wish to play and join the lobby together. This way you can talk while waiting for numbers to come up.

esports 2

Place Bets on Sports

In its essence sports betting is a player vs. player experience where the losing side provides the prize pool for the winners. So, if you and your friend have a sport that you both enjoy, but are rooting for a different team then you can place wagers. This is going to be a truly exciting experience, as whoever wins will get some cash, in addition to the whole “I told you so” reward.

Play on Apps

There are lots of poker apps that both you and your friend can download. These apps also have an invite feature that allows you to select an opponent from your friend list. So, if you don’t want to be matched with random people, tell someone you know about the app and make a deal. These are rarely played for real money, but you can always have a verbal agreement on how winning and losing will be handled.


These were just a few ways on how to create a multiplayer casino games experience. Hopefully, we will get more titles like that battle royale Pac-Man that can be played online and for real money. Until then, these approaches should suffice.

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