The Chronicles of Nyanya is the answer to our prayers.

Yes, God yes.
Chronicles of Nyanya

Remember when I asked for all games to be about cats from now on? Well, apparently someone was listening. Fat Dog games today announced The Chronicles of Nyanya, a brand new nonlinear RPG starring, you guessed it, more cats! Due out in early 2018, it’s going to be on Steam for MAC and PC. What, no Switch?! Anyway, check out the details of the story below…

The Chronicles of Nyanya Trailer
What is The Chronicles of Nyanya?

The Chronicles of Nyanya tells the story of a seemingly ordinary cat who, due to numerous tragic events, becomes a catssassin and goes on her mission to save the world of Nyanya… as a side-effect.

The story begins with the main character living peacefully in the cardboard town of Catshire, with her father, a bun shepherd, her sister who is about to get married and her friend weirdo. Everything changes, when the main character leaves the town to grab a bunch of flowers for her sister’s wedding. When she returns, her town is no more… The main character then becomes a vengeful catssassin who never furgives. Little does she know, that soon she will go on an epic quest to find the chosen cat and save the world of Nyanya.

The game is full of amazing humor, drama and cats. It is also accompanied by amazing artwork co-authored by Ilona Myszkowska, a Polish comic artist and creator of the very popular

The game has already passed Steam Greenlight and has received positive reviews and a very warm welcome from the gamers.

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