The Crew 2 Introduces Motorpass

The developers from Ubisoft have shared a new The Crew 2 trailer to introduce players to a new system, the Motorpass – a new, optional multi-tiered reward system, that players can progress through by completing Daily and Seasonal Challenges.

There are 50 tiers in total which offer both Free and Premium Rewards. To unlock Premium Rewards, players can choose to purchase the Premium Pass.

There are two types of Challenges: Daily and Seasonal.

  • Daily Challenges are actions to complete throughout the game, in a variety of contexts and disciplines. There are 5 Daily Challenges available to be completed in a 24 hour period, after which the selection changes.
  • Ubisoft will also add 4 new Seasonal Challenges every week, based specifically on the current Season’s theme. These will remain available until the end of the Season, unlike Daily Challenges.

Completing Challenges will earn you Motor Stars, which are essentially experience points needed to progress through the Motorpass. The number of Motor Stars awarded will depend on the difficulty of the Challenge. You need 10 Motor Stars to unlock one Motorpass tier.

Check out the official reveal page to find out more.

The Motorpass is not the only new addition coming to the game.

On November 25, the seventh update brought to the Crew 2 introduces Motorflix, a television production company that hires you as a lead driver for an action series. In Episode 1: The Chase, you play the Elite Interception Unit Driver of Vault Corp, a private bank. Your brief is clear: the outlaws must be stopped before they escape the city.

In addition to the Season system, Episode 1: The Chase will include a brand-new game mode that’s free for all players, as well as the usual vehicle drops, LIVE Summits and associated rewards, and vanity items.

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