The Crew 2 receives weekly content drops in latest free update

Ubisoft has announced the release of a new free update to The Crew 2 called Blazing Shots. New content includes weekly content drops that can contain lots of new items. The first content drop landed on all available platforms yesterday with “regular new events, vehicles, and vanity items spread out over the course of the coming months” still to come.

Players can earn any number of rewards each week by taking part in LIVE Summit events. These are PvE competitions that will change weekly. Each event will spotlight different racing disciplines and mechanics to challenge players. Rewards will unlock at the end of each week’s event and what is received is based on a player’s position on the leaderboards. Once a month, a special Premium LIVE Summit will debut with players able to earn a special edition vehicle.

The first month’s worth of content has been revealed. This week, for instance, players can earn up to eight vanity items and/or four vehicles during the Mix Master LIVE Summit. The following weeks will offer even more opportunities to unlock vanity items and vehicles.

Lastly, players can check out the Elite Bundle 3 for 20% off. It features the Ferrari 599XX EVO touring car, the Porsche Carrera GT hypercar, and the Citroen GT hypercar.

Check out all of the details on The Crew 2 official site.

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