The Cuphead Show is Coming to Netflix

cuphead show

Cuphead is about to take on Netflix viewers in a brand new adaptation of the indie platformer and we can’t wait to press play on The Cuphead Show.

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Netflix hasn’t been shy about its delve into gaming of late. We’ve seen the recent release of the Stranger Things 3 game, interactive content like Bandersnatch, and more than the odd video game reference on Black Mirror. Now the streaming giant is about to take on one of modern gaming’s most punishing challenges. Thankfully, the latest iteration of the franchise is purely for your consumption.

Announced in a social media post, made over on Twitter just a few hours ago, Studio MDHR confirmed that it is taking fans of Cuphead back to the Inkwell Isles in a way we’ve never seen before. The Cuphead Show is already in production by Netflix Animation, a team that hosts some serious talent with names such as Elizabeth Ito and James Baxter connected to it. While this is a new format for the franchise, it will continue to follow the 1930s inspired animation style that we have all come to cherish, while furiously trying not to break anything. Now we only have to wait for the series of outlandish adventures to land on Netflix.

For those of you who are perplexed by our excitement, Cuphead is an indie platforming title that crashed onto the Xbox One and Pc in September 2017. It follows the exploits of a cute cup headed character as it runs, jumps, and dies through a series of unrelentingly difficult platforms. While looking like a charming old cartoon, the game is an unforgiving test of timing that somehow hooked that part of our brains that will not be beaten by a video game. After bringing a whole new world of frustration to Nintendo Switch players in early 2019, I wonder if we will see quite so many people screaming at the TV this time. You can find out more about our thoughts on Cuphead here and keep an eye on Netflix for more information on the upcoming series.

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