Meet Yager’s Next Game – The Cycle

Yager Development, the studio behind such projects as Spec Ops: The Line and Dreadnought, announced a new game that will soon enter alpha testing. Called The Cycle, the project is a match-based FPS where you compete to fulfil contracts during a match that lasts for about 20 minutes and pits you against 19 other players, lots of alien monsters and some native wildlife.

The events of the game take place on a planet called Fortuna III.  It is ravaged by the world-spanning storms that are happening more often than not.  When the storms quiet down, it is your chance to get to the surface of the planet from your hub, called Prospect Station, and get to finish your contracts. Beware, the competition will be there and the laws don’t reach that far.

Cash in your contracts and those same factions will set you up with some shiny gear. They’ve got big guns, little guns, medium guns, and a collection of gadgetry that’d make your jaw drop. Getting the job done is whole lot easier when you’ve got a jetpack and a laser cannon at your side.

The closed alpha of The Cycle will start in the next few weeks. Initially, the game will release for PC (in particular, on Steam) but there are plans to bring it to the consoles at a later date.

You can find out more on the official site.

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