The Different Types Of Headphones And How To Choose One


There are many different types of headphones for many different purposes. If you are an avid runner, chances are you will want a headphone type that is sweat-proof and comfortable to wear during strenuous activities. If you are someone who likes to unwind with some music after a long day at work, noise-canceling headphones can help block out the outside world and give you a chance to relax. With so many types of headphones, it can be difficult to tell which is the best one for you. This is where knowing the differences between them ensures you pick the right headphone type that will suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

1. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones can be a good option if you are looking for comfortable headphones to wear without worrying about long wires. These headphones operate with wireless technology such as Bluetooth and give you the option to connect the device to your smartphone or computer wirelessly.

While there are a lot of upsides to them, making sure they’re compatible with multiple devices is a good idea. Looking into well-known brands is probably a safe bet when it comes to this. This is because they are usually more invested in user experience, for example, Bose headphones come with an intuitive setup system. Additionally, you can find online instructions and reviews for them so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

The sound quality can be quite impressive, and these types of headphones are perfect if you like to listen to music while doing other activities such as cleaning the house, cooking dinner, commuting on a train, or working out at the gym.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can be great for people who want to block out ambient noise and focus. The technology blocks outside noise using a microphone that measures sound waves then creates inverse waves to cancel them out. This gives you the option of listening to music while also blocking out background noise.

If you live in a loud city or find yourself in crowded areas like the train often, they can be your lifesaver. They block out low-frequency background noise such as engine rumbles and human voices while still allowing higher frequencies like music to come through. Moreover, when listening to music with external sounds blocked out enhances the audio experience.

They are definitely worth trying out if you find yourself in loud areas frequently. However, keep in mind that you should probably avoid wearing them when you drive, or they may block out crucial sounds.

3. Sports Headphones

Sports headphones are designed to endure the most rigorous physical activities and harsh environmental conditions. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some feature an around-the-neckband design while others utilize ear hooks or earbuds.

Check out the material they’re made from and their fit. Most sports headphones are designed for high-intensity activities such as running or weightlifting. However, you should also think about how loud they go. If you have never used earbuds before, they may be a good option for you simply because they sit in your ears and won’t fall out as easily.

They are perfect if you are into activities that get your heart rate up or if you want to listen to music while being active. They are water-resistant, meaning they’re able to withstand sweat without damage.

4. Earphones

Earphones are the most popular type of headphones. They usually consist of small speaker drivers that fit into your outer ear or inside your ear canal. Earphones come with either a cord or wireless design, and some even feature noise-canceling technology to minimize ambient noise and focus on the music that is playing.

The price point is usually quite reasonable, and they are very versatile. They work well for just about any activity whether it’s working out in the gym, commuting on a train, or simply sitting at your desk with your laptop or smartphone.

5. Gaming Headset

Gaming is a popular way to unwind and spend time with friends. However, you will probably want a dedicated gaming headset if you plan on playing video games regularly. They typically feature surround-sound technology which is great for listening to the positional audio from your favorite games.

In addition, they also have an inbuilt microphone meaning that you can communicate with other players. They usually come with a USB plug that fits into your computer or console and can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

Headphones 1

The next time you are looking for headphones, think about what type of activities you will be doing most often with them. This will give you a better idea of whether or not noise-canceling is something that you need, how long the battery life should last, and everything in between. It may be a good idea to keep a spare pair or two around in case something goes wrong, but as long as you invest in a good pair, this probably won’t happen very often. There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect pair of headphones for you, so take your time and think about what you will be using them for.

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