The Division 2 State of the Game Letter Arrives

The Division 2

The latest “State of the Game” letter has been published on the official site of The Division 2. In it, developers give readers an update on what is currently in the pipeline for the future with details about what players can expect.

Most notably, the first phase of the next major patch to the game, Title Update 10, has arrived on the PTS. While Title Update 10 will be short on content, it is packed with “bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and with changes intended to buff players and make gameplay more rewarding and fun”.

During Phase 1, players are asked to focus on:

  • Game health, finding bugs, and making sure bug fixes are working.
  • Weapon and gear balance after the Title Update 10 changes.
  • PvP weapon damage and time-to-kill changes.
  • Players are asked to submit feedback through the official forums, where a PTS-specific forum will be added on May 22, and encouraged to search for existing threads on issues before posting, so as to consolidate feedback in once place.

In addition to news of the PTS update, players were also informed that the last competitive league of Season 1, Hill League, is now live in all versions of the game.

Check out the full update on the official site of The Division 2.

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