The Dragoness: Command of the Flame Introduces Characters & Beast Armies

The Dragoness Command of the Flame Introduces Characters & Beast Armies

Publisher PQube Limited and developer Crazy Goat Games have shared a couple of blog posts dedicated to the upcoming turn-based strategy The Dragoness: Command of the Flame, aimed to introduce players to characters and beast recruitment.

As you journey across the Draithir Peninsula, a land ravaged by warring factions of Dragons, you will encounter a number of characters that will aid you in your quests. The four most important among those include:

  • The Commander, your protagonist recruited by the Dragoness to aid her in conquest and bring peace to the world
  • Natiq-Hay-Awan, your trusty guide sent by the Queen to make sure you reach her side
  • The Wizard is an elderly man with a very unique Dragon staff and simple but tasteful robes. He usually has a task for you to complete for a reward.
  • The Queen aka the Dragoness. Things don’t go to plan in your run up to meeting for the first time and so your initial greeting is a rather sudden and funny one. The Dragoness outlines what has happened and what your next steps will be and also shows you a few more helpful pointers for the game before moving on. Not the grand greeting you had imagined, but you have now met your leader and have your mission, so your real adventure begins now!

The second blog post addresses beast recruitment – after all, you can’t possibly conquer the world without an army by your side. be sure to manage those resources because you will need plenty to keep an army going!

The blog post goes over the creatures you can recruit in the early game, such as the Centaur, Oaken Ent, Harpy, Griffon, Mud Goblin and Taurus, each complete with their own unique perks, be it a movement buff, a way to debuff an enemy, ranged attack or more.

Check out our first impressions from the Steam demo to learn more about the game.

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