The Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates Its Success with Social Fun

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is ready to celebrate its huge success with a month-long event to celebrate its players. The popular MMORPG has been at the top of the genre’s play-list with over 600 hours of quests, over 25,000 NPCs, and over 18 million players have taken part in the game over the years.

From June 22nd through August 19th, players can take part in a special event that “will highlight the stunning scope and breadth of TESO” that will be made up of streaming and social fun.

Working with a selection of dedicated players, we will be showcasing the wonderful world of ESO across the globe from June through August. Each person on the ESO Stream Team will have a portion of the game to play through, and various members will be spotlighted on Bethesda’s Twitch channel. You can join in on the fun with cool in-game activities for PvP, Dungeons, and much more! It will be a fun adventure and you never know what special guests might show up on one of our streams.

The full list of streamers taking part in the event can be seen here.

Find out more details by visiting The Elder Scrolls Online official site and keeping an eye on TESO’s social media accounts.

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