The Elder Scrolls Online – Check Out Patch Notes For Update 23

The Elder Scrolls Online - Check Out Patch Notes For Update 23

The Elder Scrolls Online continues its triumphant year-long adventure related to the Gates of Oblivion with the release of a new climatic finale that is Deadlands DLC. The developers from Zenimax have taken to the official site to reveal what players can look forward to.

The way to Mehrunes Dagon’s realm has been opened and his legions of Daedra and cultists prepare to unleash a series of new and terrifying Daedric inventions on the lands of Tamriel. The call now sounds for heroes to thwart these schemes.

The Deadlands DLC invites you to visit Fargrave, a mysterious city shrouded in the corners of Oblivion. Here, “friendly” Daedra and mortals inhabit a metropolis unlike any other. But despite the tentative peace, tensions lurk beneath the city … tensions that Mehrunes Dagon is eager to exploit for his own gain.The expansion also introduces several new item sets, collectibles, outfit styles, achievements, titles and more!

The base game introduces some exciting new features including the new Armory system – which allows you to save out character builds – curated item set drops to help better ensure you get items that are not yet unlocked, new Mythic items, NVIDIA DLSS & DLAA Support, and more!

Deadlands DLC

New Zone: The Deadlands. Suitable for characters of all levels. Begin your adventure by traveling to the city of Fargrave by using a Wayshrine to travel directly to the outskirts of Fargrave or accepting the quest “The Celestial Palanquin” from the Stories section in the Collections UI. Includes exciting story, 2 new delves, 2 powerful world bosses.

In addition to the Deadlands, mingle with the many denizens of Oblivion in the city of Fargrave! Complete the zone stories in both the Blackwood Chapter and The Deadlands DLC to unlock a bonus questline—the final confrontation with Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Destruction!

  • New Item Sets
  • New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes
  • New Achievements & Titles
  • New Motifs
  • New Furnishings

Base Game Update

The Armory System – a new system that helps relieve the friction between switching or experimenting with your character’s builds! The Armory allows you to save any of your custom character builds, remembering your gear, Attributes, Abilities, Champion Points, and even if you are a Werewolf or Vampire. You can then effortlessly load any of those saved builds in an instant.

  • The Armory is free to all players. To get started, simply obtain the free Armory Station from the Crown Store and place it in any of your homes.
  • The Armory Assistant, Ghrasharog, is also available for a separate purchase to access all the functions of The Armory outside of your home.
  • Note that you cannot save or load builds without interacting with an Armory Station or talking to the Armory Assistant.

In addition to the Armory system, the base game will receive the following updates:

  • Curated Item Set Drops – Bosses and reward chests from arenas and incursions will now preferentially drop set items that have not yet been unlocked in your Item Set Collections!
  • Item Set Collection Summary – This is a high-level summary of your progress towards collecting every dropped set item in the game. Every major category has a progress bar to help guide you into finding the set items you are still missing.
  • New Mythic Items
  • Map Updates
  • New Homes
  • and more!
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