The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth Gameplay Trailer

The Dark Heart of Skyrim, a year-long adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online, is approaching an epic finale with Markarth DLC. Explore the untamed wilds and sunless depths of two unique zones, defend all of Tamriel from the rising evil of the Gray Host, and challenge yourself with an all-new solo arena. It’s time to stand with the Reach and confront Skyrim’s dark heart once and for all!

The Markarth DLC game pack and Update 28 are now available on PC/Mac and Stadia. The console version will be releasing on November 10.

Check out the Item Set Collection System that will make your chasing of unique item appearances much easier! With Update 28’s Item Set Collection system, you can add almost all of your item sets to your Collections UI, helping you collect all of ESO’s gear and free up that oh-so-precious storage space!

The new system will give you a clear idea of here almost all of ESO’s set drops are and which ones you’ve obtained. The ability to track which pieces you’ve looted is important, as it helps to lower the cost of reconstructing the items later. It might sound like a lot, but the team was careful to keep things simple.

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