The End of the Sun Demo Released

The End of the Sun demo

The developers of the upcoming open world action-adventure game The End of the Sun have announced that a free PC demo is now available on Steam. The demo offers players a peek into the Slavic fantasy game setting and many of the game’s features. According to developers, players will be able to check out over an hour’s worth of content ahead of the planned Q4 2023 release date.

To add to the excitement, the dev team released a video showcasing what players can expect in the demo.

Gameplay features

  • Photogrammetry of ethnographic museums – To get unique graphics, we visited ethnographic museums. We scanned hundreds of objects and entire buildings, so you can admire them in the game the way they actually are.
  • Time travel – Teleport between four main seasons far away from each other by many years. Get to know the stories of the same heroes at different stages of their lives. Use your power to solve the mystery!
  • Non-linear and engaging story – Experience particular immersive stories at your own pace and at the moment you feel like it.
  • Consequences of time manipulation –Set the paths of fate and bring the course of events back on the right track to discover further fragments of the game world and story. Events from the past have an impact on the future.
  • Slavic culture –Enjoy the immersive story and look at the long-forgotten everyday activities and objects that are no longer used today.
  • Exploration and Open World – Travel between the homesteads and the village’s surroundings, discovering pieces of the mystery that lie somewhere there.
  • Dynamic environment –The time of day, weather, and lighting change smoothly and dynamically right before your eyes as you discover parts of the mystery.

Fans can grab the demo and learn more about The End of the Sun on its Steam page.

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