The Fermi Paradox Blasts Off On PC Today

The Fermi paradox launches today, hitting the outer edges of Early Access, via Steam.

Sci-fi might be something of a favorite right now, with a ton of space faring adventures, roguelikes, and new narrative adventures hitting shelves, but the Fermi Paradox stands out as something all its own. Just launched into Early Access, via Steam, today the Fermi Paradox from Anomaly Games is a choice-driven narrative strategy god game.

Ignoring the traditional 4X interstellar empire builder and dropping back for a wider view of the cosmos, players trying out The Fermi Paradox won’t be pitting themselves against other species in a bid to rule the star system. Instead, you’ll act as arbiter of all, guiding the planets and their intelligent life through pivotal moments across the ages. This choice driven gameplay aims to add a twist to the god game genre, asking you almighty to manage resources and make decisions that can, and will, have far-reaching and oftentimes catastrophic consequences that span millennia.

This new alien adventure certainly stands out, with a unique idea and aesthetic. There are tons of tales, with around 400 different civilization development events already I game. To find out more about the neighborhood, check out the trailer above or head over to Steam and pick up The Fermi Project with a 10% discount on the normal price of £14.49 / 18.99 or local equivalent.

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