The Gamespace Game Of The Year 2020 Is… ?

Gamespace game Of The Year 2020 winners

It’s been a year for sure, but after a grind that would make Blizzard blush we are almost through it. That mean’s it’s also time for us to reveal the Gamespace Game Of The Year.

Previous years have seen our staff weight in behind the curtain to let you know what we think is the game that you ought to play. This year we did something a little different, letting you all get in on the action. Back nearer the start of the month, we opened up a poll to let our readers vote on the game of the year. Better than that, we’re also giving one lucky sod the chance to win our Game Of The Year.

How It Worked

We’ve had a bunch of games from indies to all star AAA remakes that popped up for consideration this year. Our list ended up at a massive thirty two possible choices. Most GOTY contender lists are only a few items long, so how did we manage such an exhaustive list? It turns out that we hand out a fair few 9 out of 10 scores each year. We collated each and every game score on record and anything that we ranked a 9 or above made it in the list for your consideration. You’ve been voting on the game of the year selection since we kicked things off back on 11 December.

Notable But Not Winners

Resident Evil 3 Review racoon city

A fair few of the games on our list made it into contention for our GOTY, including the gorgeous indie experience Mythic Ocean. Set in the mysterious depths of an unknown world, Mythic Ocean plunges players into a vast, cosmic abyss, before stepping into the light and waking up in a new, underwater world. It might not be a winner today but it’s an impressive feat for a three-person indie team. Check out our review if you want something a little more sedate than the afternoon PvP of a family festive gathering!

Joining Mythic Ocean on the not quite step is Resident Evil 3. The remake of the classic console scare em up might have been short but it was a fantastically paced homage to the original Resident Evil 3 that kept us running our way through a wonderfully imagined Racoon City. Check out our review for something more horrific than Christmas cake. Sorry, it’s an affront to baking.

The final nearly but not quite is The Division 2: Warlords of New York. Dropping pretty early in the year compared to many titles on our list, this expansion to the divisive second instalment in Ubisoft’s loot and shoot adventure made massive headway in improving the title on so many levels. From the utterly devastated city to an engaging narrative, and much-needed alterations to the way the PvP Dark Zone played, this is clearly the game The Divison should have been when it launched. You can check out our review here.

Take The Stage!

Our Gamesapce Game Of The Year for 2020 is Final Fantasy VII Remake. Dropping during march 2020, this remake of the Square Enix genre-defining classic is far more than just a rehashing of the story that captured the hearts of so many of us back when console gaming was just about to explode in popularity.

Instead of simply upscaling, a mix of new and returning team members, including Tetsuya Nomura as Director, reworked the tale to bring the protagonists that made this world so engaging to life. There’s so much to say about this wonderful balance mix of nostalgic escapism and ingenious subversion that it’s better you take the time to read our review of Final Fantasy VII Remake yourself. For now, you’ve likely got enough time to grab Final Fantasy VII Remake before the second part of this multi-chapter story arrives.


So There it is our Gamespace Game Of The Year 2020 – Final Fantasy VII Remake. One lucky person is going to grab this later today when i email them. Thank you for voting and thank you for supporting gamespace this year. Happy Holidays from everyone here at gamespace!

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