The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour – DLC #1 Released

Back on October 4, 2018, 2K and HB Studios released new, and free, downloadable content for The Golf Club on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

There is nothing better than free DLC when it comes to video games, and with it being for a golf game it just makes it that much better. Along with the DLC, there will be a new playable PGA Course, the difficult Atlantic Beach Country Club. This is where the Championship resides, and where the best golfers in the world try to join the PGA Tour.

Included in the DLC #1 update, which was released on Thursday, October 4.

  • New PGA TOUR Course: The update includes an all-new licensed PGA TOUR course for free, Atlantic Beach Country Club, which is home to the Tour Championship where the world’s best amateur golfers compete for their PGA TOUR card and a shot at becoming professionals. The new course will be integrated into the PGA TOUR Career Mode schedule, as well as all other modes and matchmaking options.
  • New Character Customization Options: The update also introduces new character customization options, including a new PGA TOUR, branded hats.
  • Game Improvements: In addition to the new content, the update also brings a myriad of additional bug fixes, optimizations, and quality of life improvements, which can be found in the full patch notes.

Since releasing to the public on August 28, 2018, The Golf Club has been hailed, by critics and fans alike, as one of the better, most authentic golfing games out there. Per Operation Sports, the game is “exciting, fun, and authentic,” and “likely to fill a void left by EA Sports.” GameSpot calls this year’s installment “a drive forward for the golf simulation series,” and Digital Trends says, “With 2K and the PGA Tour on board, it seems that The Golf Club series could have a bright future. As it stands, The Golf Club 2019 is the premier golf sim today.”

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