The Grand Brix Shooter Launches Soon

Publisher Intragames has just announced they are bringing hyper arcade shoot’em up The Grand Brix shooter to Pc and Console gamers this August.

Stop Brixing it, hold onto the controller and keep shooting the aliens will be gone soon. Intragames, a publisher of eastern RPGs and Otome visual novels, are about to bring their own in house title to Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam. Grand Brix Shooter is a new bullet-hell arcade shooter that puts players in a futuristic spacecraft and points the lasers at waves f incoming enemies. These invaders are intent on wiping out something but really all you need to know if point the weaponized end at the enemy and don’t let up.

Grand Brix Shooter is a stylized side-scrolling shooter that throws a ton of different enemies at players. There are 14 playable spacecraft to pilot, each one of these coming with its own range of skills and weaponry to dazzle players. Between the massive boss battles that pepper this encounter, the fusion system should keep things interesting. This inventive addition allows player aircraft to combine with randomly appearing units, adding an uncontrollable element to test pilot skill. Alongside challenge modes, quests, and a bunch of secret aircraft there should be plenty for aspiring pilots to do in this title.

A Change Of Pace

Intragames is better known for bringing eastern titles out here and this represents a growing move to get more in house titles into gamers hands.

“The development team stayed up countless days all night long to bring up the characteristics of original thrilling action arcade scrolling shooter and also to add uniqueness for dynamic features,” said Youngjun Kim, the Project Director of the development team. “More players would be able to enjoy action shoot’em up genre and this game would give them a whole new amazing experience which they have never felt before with Grand Brix Shooter. I appreciate all the interests and support on our game for our fans and I wish we can create more games that would give a great impression to all the generations around the world.”

With that said we will have to wait and see if all that hard work paid off. Grand Brix Shooter certainly looks pretty flashy. You can find out more about this title at the game’s Steam store page now.

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