The House of Mouse Launches Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

The House of Mouse has partnered with PerBlue to launch its first mobile title since the mobile gaming reboot back in January. At the time Disney had reported that it was refocusing its strategy for the mobile market having dropped its own mobile studio and even removed some inherited games (you are still missed Marvel Heroes). Skip ahead to today and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the first fruit of this new game development strategy and the first to be released in partnership with PerBlue Studio.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode allows a player to select up to five characters from the combined library of Disney and Pixar franchises to face off against a menacing evil that is wreaking havoc on the city. You will be able to call upon the aid of everyone from Woody to Elastigirl as you seek to stop this malevolent force. Each hero comes packed with their own special abilities and players will be able to level them up as well as equip items and gear to further power up your team. The game is currently available on the App Store and Google Play. If you’re interested in checking out the title be sure to head on over to their website.  


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  1. another neat little time waster with your favorite Disney movie characters… Game play is fun even though not very interactive during combat.

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