The Humble Bundle is Finished

humble bundle choice

The Humble Bundle is no more. Don’t worry, Existing Humble subscribers are still in for a good deal as the long-running bundle transforms into the Humble Choice.

A New Deal

The Humble Bundle has been a pretty well-regarded deal for many gamers, pulling together a range of indie and top tier titles for a reasonable monthly rate but all that is changing. Launching Later this year, the Humble Choice program takes the same subscription-based concept as the Humble Bundle but tiers many of the current rewards. While subscribers have a single paid plan to pick up right now, the Humble Choice will allow players to pick access to the Humble Trove, an online selection of time-limited games, as well as 3 or 9 games. The full description o the tiers is below.

$4.99/mo or $44.99/yr
Humble Trove Access
10% Humble Discount

$14.99/mo or $134.99/yr
3 Curated Games To Keep
Humble Trove Access
10% Humble Discount

$19.99/mo or $179.99/yr
9 Curated Games To Keep
Humble Trove Access
20% Humble Discount

Current Subscribers, however, don’t need to worry. They will still get a Humble Choice bundle at the current $12 monthly rate. The Classic deal gives players a total of 10 games to keep and the same perks as the top tier Humble Choice bundle. Thankfully the current Humble Bundle is a pretty good deal with Spyro, Crash, and COD making appearances already. We don’t have a date that Humble Choice will kick in other than later this year, but I’ve resubscribed this month and if you want to get in for the Classic then you’ve got enough time to head over to the Humble site and set up your sub now.

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