The Immortal Mystics Preview

The keyword is teamwork in this upcoming MOBA
The Immortal Mystics

The Immortal Mystics is an upcoming MOBA from Spanish developer Mindiff. The plan is to launch on PC in the summer of 2021 with both iOS and Android versions coming at a later point. The veteran team is excited about what they’re bringing to the world, something they believe is unlike anything else at the moment and that will offer competitive and cooperative players a fresh take on the genre. We had the opportunity to preview the game and chat with the developers about the unique features of The Immortal Mystics. Additionally, the team took the game out for a spin with some exciting commentary from Twitch casters.

At first glance, The Immortal Mystics looks and feels like your typical MOBA. In fact, unique features aside, veteran players will fit right into the game from the get-go including lanes, a plethora of customizable heroes, minions, structures, etc. However, Mindiff is committed to taking the known and improving it across the board. For instance, the game’s 20 heroes are customizable through the typical skin system, but the development team has also offered players other ways to create a unique character gameplay-wise. During any given match, players can alter their hero’s stats through the use of the Armor System. As the match progresses, players pick up gems that can be added to several different slots to create unique stats for that match. Moving them around into different combinations creates a completely different way to play so understanding the gem system is key to strategic gameplay. But perhaps the most interesting thing is that the gems can be moved on the fly. There’s no need to head back to the base — which costs in-game gold to do, by the way — to change gem slots. Simply do so in the middle of a battle or at any other time and you’re good to go. The goal here is to provide players with a conundrum: “Do I teleport back at the cost of gold to upgrade my items or do I keep playing to keep the team’s progress moving forward?”

The Immortal Mystics 1

Each match gives players plenty of objectives to accomplish. There are trash minions to wipe out or friendly minions to enhance. There are buffs offered for killing bosses found throughout the map. There are structures to destroy. There are gems to collect, enemies to rout, and strategic synergies with teammates to explore. The Group Skill System is probably the most exciting new feature that is coming to The Immortal Mystics. While most MOBA games have ultimate abilities for heroes, they are usually used individually or chained together with teammates. However, in The Immortal Mystics, players will be able to synergize their ultimate abilities to create even more powerful effects. This is a key pillar of the game’s development, namely that team gameplay is rewarding through the combination of group skills. According to Mindiff, there are 15 different ways for players to combine their ultimate abilities that can create huge fire damage or powerful water healing for example. Interestingly, not all players have to combine their ultimates for synergies to be created. Obviously, the more teammates who do makes the ability that much more powerful. But given that proximity is a requirement for these combos, it’s a nice touch to allow players to create them in smaller numbers.

Matches are designed to be played in short sessions that last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Developers mentioned that they want the games to feel important and to offer players the feeling that they’ve gained something even if they have limited amounts of time to play.

All in all, The Immortal Mystics is shaping up to bring a fresh set of features to the MOBA genre. The plan is to launch as a free-to-play title for PC in Summer 2021 and later for mobile devices. We’ll be keeping an eye on the game and will take it out for a spin once it is released.

Follow-up Interview with Mindiff’s Juan Gonzalez Cuin

We had the chance to submit a few questions to Mindiff’s Juan Gonzalez Cuin to find out some additional details about The Immortal Mystics and about what the team has planned for its future.

Gamespace: Will you have a way for solo players or duos to play the game against AI?

Juan Gonzalez Cuin: Yes. For the launch of the product, we are working to have an AI, programmed and established with an internal system of attributes and characteristics defined according to the role, hero setup, and other parameters. So, you will be able to play solo and in duos. This AI will allow the games to play against it and practice, to get to understand the mechanics of TIM, and get trained as well.

Another of the key pillar of the game is the “game experience” modes, where we will find maps with mechanics and rules that differ from the MOBA genre. This will be the case of Map number 3 (which is not only a single map, but a group of maps).

In parallel to the launch of the product, we will start working on an evolutionary AI model, this means that this new AI will replace the initial one (mentioned before) in time, since it will feed on the Big Data that it collects from all the games played and it will get adapted and improved thanks to all those data, including the developing new mechanics and new ways of playing. We believe that this AI in the future will be a great challenge for the most demanding player.

The Immortal Mystics 2

Gamespace: Will the game be free-to-play or for purchase? Will there be in-game purchases?

JGC: The game is free to play, and you will be able to buy heroes, skins, icons, emblems, in-game armor, … in this aspect it is very similar to our competitors.

Gamespace: Please explain the progression. What kinds of things can players earn?

JGC: Gamers can obtain all kinds of items without spending money: For this, it will be necessary to dedicate hours of play and have a certain skill to obtain them. Otherwise, you can get them by paying money in the store. But it is always about cosmetic items. You don’t pay to win.

Thanks to their gaming skills, gamers will get heroes, aspects of these and chromas, emblems, icons, armor, starter packs, codes for events, temporary improvements …

Gamespace: You mentioned the game will ship with 3 maps. Tell us about them including how they are different from one another and objectives players complete during matches, etc.

Map 1: Lost Jungle.

    • Medium size.
    • The duration of each game is approximately 18 minutes.
    • No. players: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4.
    • Maximum players: 8.

Map 2: The curse of Abantis.

        • Big size.
        • Duration of the games approximately 25 minutes.
        • No. players: 5 vs 5.
        • Maximum players: 10.

Both of these maps are different from each other in terms of the format of each one and its magnitude, in addition to the group objectives granting different rewards on each of the maps. Along with this, there are different mechanics on each map by which you can get additional push units. To delve a little deeper into our large map, number 2, there are elements such as the Lighthouse that grant vision of an area after having captured it by killing Apos; Others, like the Frosti, bring us additional units on the line over a period of time.

Map 3 – It’s new in the MOBA game landscape. There is just not one map, but a group of maps, as mentioned before, that offer different game experiences. We will progressively upload those unique maps. On this map, rules are quite different from a traditional MOBA.

  • It has no name yet.
  • Medium size.
  • Duration of games between 8 and 12 minutes.
  • No. players: 8.
  • Each hero is from one side, which means that there are 8 different sides.

The Immortal Mystics 3

Gamespace: What do you plan for the game going forward?

JGC:  The proposal offered by TIM, from release day, is a package of:

  • 35 heroes available.
  • 61 skins
  • 1 map of the most classic MOBA genre for hardcore gamers.
  • 2 maps with fast and fun game modes more for casuals. Much faster games with more competition and more frenetics.
  • And a pack of icons, emblems, pack … that will evolve as the community and the video game progress together.

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