The Iron Oath Detailed Fire and Ice Timeframe & Updated the Roadmap

The Iron Oath Detailed Fire and Ice Timeframe & Updated the Roadmap

Developer Curious Panda Games has taken to Steam to reveal more details about the and Ice update coming to The Iron Oath in the near future. The original plan was to release the update during the last week of June, but, due to the Summer Sale currently taking place, the developers decided to wait until the event ends before releasing it.

Following Fire and Ice, two major updates will be focused on improving combat, character leveling, and dungeon crawls. The team is also rebalancing some enemy stats, adding new enemy variants, and making support/utility abilities a more attractive and useful option. The ultimate goal is to make enemies feel more unique and requiring different strategies to defeat.

“We’ll be making changes to provide greater freedom when leveling your characters, resulting in more diverse builds. Some character traits will also be getting a balance pass so they have a greater impact on a character’s strengths and weaknesses, making them a more important consideration when leveling up.”

If you want to learn more about the game, consider checking out our developer interview with Curious Panda Games or diving into our Early Access preview of The Iron Oath.

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