The Last Friend Demo Offers a Peek Into a Dog’s Life

The Last Friend

Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio have announced that a brand new demo for The Last Friend is now available for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players will be able to try out the game that blends tower defense with brawler games as well as the unique canine protagonists. It’s a great way to prepare for the game’s launch coming September 30, 2021 on PC and at a later date for Nintendo Switch.

Players checking out the demo have an opportunity to play through the first level of the game and to try out the combat and strategy involved. In addition, several other features are explored including “upgrading dogs, how the Alpha levels up and gains powers and van customization”. Players will also meet several important characters from the story and have the opportunity to see the game up to the first major boss named The Firewall.

Main Game Features:

  • Tower Defense meets Brawler with a seamless blend of genres
  • Combo-driven combat with special moves and powers galore
  • Dozens of Dogs to Rescue with powers to upgrade as your progress
  • Over 50 challenging and replayable levels to master and reap rewards from
  • Survive the wasteland in an upgradeable roving battle station
  • And yes… you can pet the doggos.

Check out The Last Friend official site to learn more.

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