The Last Friend – Take PC Demo Out For a Spin Ahead of Launch

The Last Friend - Take PC Demo Out For a Spin Ahead of Launch

Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio have announced that The Last Friend PC demo is now available for players via Steam and Epic Games Store. You can experience the first level of the game with its fascinating blend of tower defense and brawler systems for yourself ahead of the full launch set for September 30th. The Last Friend will also be arriving on Nintendo Switch at a later point.

The demo provides players with a taste of the combat and strategy in the game as well as a peek at upgrading dogs, how the Alpha levels up and gains powers, as well as van customization. Along the way, players will meet various characters from the game’s storyline all the way up to the first major boss level, The Firewall!

About The Last Friend

In a world that has become yet another post-apocalyptic future where humanity is distracted by chaos, destruction, rampant mutants and a thing called surviving, something even more sinister is afoot… The World’s doggos are disappearing!


  • Got to Pet them All! – From the warm and fluffy Newfoundland who has a healing passive, the Tibetan Mastiff with a beast mode unlocked, and to the ever charismatic Beagle, it’s up to you to rescue these fearless pups and then set them loose on the bad guys!
  • Welcome to the World, Pup – Get ready to explore deserted badlands, ruined cities, a military base or two and not to mention forgotten jungles teeming with challenges as you set out in an upgradable RV!
  • Who let the ‘Brawl’ Out – It’s a dog eat dog world out there so best bring your best when it comes to going all paws with the various bad guys you’ll be sure to face!
  • A Unique Bark on Tower Defense – From super soakers, steel walls, and wire traps you’ll have your pick of the litter when it comes to offensive and defensive options to protect your yard!
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