The Last of Us Part II – Inside the Gameplay

In the latest Inside the Gameplay dev diary, the team from Naughty Dog explained the influence that the story of The Last of Us Part II has on the game’s gameplay. Neil Druckmann explained how the key gameplay mechanics were affected: in particular, with Ellie being smaller and lighter than Joel, the game offers new opportunities such as crawling under things, jumping, or dodging enemies’ attacks.


Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors.

When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions. Check out the PS4 site to find out more.

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