The Last Remnant Remastered Review

You are enjoying a day in the fields with the sun on your face, and the breeze in your hair. Your sister is smelling her favorite flowers as you sit there daydreaming. All of a sudden you are snapped back to reality as you hear a scream from your sister and see men surrounding her. You run at them but are unable to stop them from taking her as they knock you unconscious. This is only the beginning and this is our review of The Last Remnant Remastered.

From Developer Square Enix Co. LTD, comes a game that grabbed the attention of role-playing gamers all over the world back in 2008. When I played the game on Xbox 360 all those years ago I was intrigued by everything about this game. It had a unique battle mode, it had the classic stories that you expect from Square Enix, and it had some interesting points to it. That being said, when I played it on my 360 I found it to be very buggy and was lucky to get through one or two battles without having some kind of lag or general loss of ability to play. This affected my overall immersion in the game. I am glad to say that the remaster has fixed a lot of these things for me.

As the main protagonist Rush Sykes, you will set off on a desperate search to find your sister who has been kidnapped by some unknown men wielding the power of remnants. He is a character that isn’t afraid to show his emotions and to talk to people in ways that you would think rude in the real world, and in fact in the game world as well which is pretty funny. You will throw in with the forces of David Nassau, the Marquis of Athlum, in your journey to find your sister. As the son and daughter of very prominent remnant researchers, it is very much in the Marquis interest to help you.

As you progress through the game your health and other skills will level up through battling monsters and other baddies who want to stop you from your mission. There isn’t a skill tree or anything that you can specifically choose. Instead, you have arts that can be learned through obtained special inventory items and then through regular leveling up. You can see what arts are available from the in-game menu.

The battle system is unique with its Union setup. Basically, you have a Union which is a group of characters put together into teams of units. You have five units per union and can switch your party members around as you see fit from the party member screen. Likewise, the Union Board will allow you to choose where your characters are set in a grid for the battles to commence. There are a lot of specifics to learning this system and the game does a pretty good job of explaining it to you so that you know what you are doing. When you engage in battle there are several actions that take place during a turn, and those actions are all dependent on how many unions you have versus how many unions the enemy has. Each team will automatically take turns attacking each other based on the actions you select at the beginning of the turn. You morale in the game will also affect how you dish out the damage and how you take damage from enemies. The higher your morale bar the more damage you will do and the lower, well you get the point. One other key point to the union system is the ability to gain new union members through quests. There are characters that you can hire from the guild after beating missions for them. As you battle you will be able to get more and more units for your groups.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a code provided by PR.

With the remaster of The Last Remnant now released everyone can relive what they loved about the game. For me, it was a big improvement over the original due to all the bugs that were fixed. I can play the game smoothly and without issues and now on my PlayStation 4. Listed on the PlayStation Store for only $19.99 USD anyone can have a blast with the game. I loved the remaster and I hope you do too.
  • Updated Graphics
  • Great Story
  • Amazing Characters
  • PlayStation 4 Only Release
  • Learning Curve for Union Battle System
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