The Legion Rises on 3 October in SYNTHETIK

A world filled with fire and metal. Armageddon struck back in March 2018 and yet, most of us missed the release of this rogue-lite shooter on PC. Now, Synthetik gives us another chance to turn the tide of the apocalypse with the release of the Legion Rising expansion on 3 October.

Synthetik is an indie experience from the team at Flow Fire Games and throws players into an intense top down shooter filled with fire, blood, and chrome. In a world overrun by malevolent machines, it is up to you to fight through four floors of randomly generated danger. Take down elite soldiers, droid, turrets, tanks, and massive bosses with a huge variety of weapons and upgrades.

The Legion Rising update brings a new approach to many of these upgrades with a complete overhaul of the game’s class system, introducing subclass mechanics for more variety. This new set of sub systems is intended to balance the perks of the game’s existing class system with new abilities and a range of additional weapons. Flow Fire Games has also promised a ton of new content for experienced players in their recent steam blog. Even better, current players will get this update completely free. New soldiers will find the game price adjusted to $19.99 when the expansion hit. If you want to prepare for the Legion Rising you can grab it no on Steam, or check out more on the official website.

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