The Medium Adds Ray Tracing To Its List Of Horrors

The Medium got the jump on us all last night as Team Bloober popped up to announce that The Medium is going to get Ray Tracing and DLSS support.

Announced as part of Nvidia’s RTX: Game On event, Team Bloober’s upcoming horror title will utilize the full potential of Nvidia’s RTX and DLSS technology. When The Medium lands on 28 January, players who take on this suspenseful adventure should find real time rendered reflections and shadows to fully immerse them in this petrifying new world. To give everyone a glimpse of what they might expect, a brand new RTX trailer landed last night too, giving us an idea of the difference that these additions will make to the entire experience.


This news is still something of an event as effective ray traced lighting effects and DLSS support is still a relatively uncommon feature in games. Designed to display light and shadows in a real world scenario, ray tracing has been something of an edge case until the most recent series of Nvidia 30 series and new AMD graphics cards hit the market, late last year. Equally, Deep Learning Super Sampling, which uses AI learning to essentially render in a higher resolution by guessing, has been somewhat lacklustre until now.

Now, if you managed to bag a unicorn and grab a 30 series graphics card before the scalpers, you can travel to an abandoned communist resort delve into its secrets. Using your unique psychic abilities to dance between worlds, you’ll be able to solve a range of reality spanning puzzles and hopefully survive encounters with strange and sinister spirits. If you’re interested in what you’ve seen then you can preorder The Medium now or find out more over on the official website before it lands on PC platforms via Steam, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store at the price of $49.99/€49.99/£41.74.

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