The Most Popular Esports Teams According To Fan Token Value


In recent years, esports has started to be seen as a legitimate sport. And as high-speed internet becomes more widely available around the world, even more people are discovering esports’ live streams and becoming fans. Gamers are signing lucrative contracts, and thousands of fans are gathering to support their teams at live events (with droves more watching via streams).

Teams are also coming up with innovative ways to connect with their fans. And beyond the standard options (merchandise, social following, and the like), the fan token concept has recently emerged as an innovative and intimate way for fans to connect with teams. Introduced in conventional sports, these tokens have caught on in gaming as well. They essentially amount to team-sponsored cryptocurrencies that allow the owners to obtain benefits, like voting on a team decision or getting tickets for an exclusive event.

Fan tokens are purchased via the cryptocurrency Chiliz (CHZ), but also hold their own values. And while only a handful of prominent esports teams are participating in this concept as of yet, those values give us some idea as to which teams are most popular among fans.

1. OG ($OG)

Current Value: 16.29 CHZ

OG’s fan token gives owners decision power over which in-game banner to use for the team’s DOTA 2 season. OG also offers fans the opportunity to access additional fan tokens for free through augmented reality treasure hunts. Additionally, the most dedicated fans will be able to obtain free tickets to events and even participate in special events and player meet-ups. Above all else though, the reason that this token’s value soars above the others on this list is that OG is simply a very prominent and well-liked team.

2. Natus Vincere ($NAVI)

Current Value: 3.49 CHZ

Natus Vincere was among the first esport teams to launch their own fan token, as well as other fan engagement initiatives. The team is well known for having rosters for major esports games like CS:GO, DOTA 2, and Fortnite. The most attractive part is that they have plans to explore other video games as well, and having tokens might allow fans to make their voices heard in regards to which should come next. Finally, like OG, Natus Vincere is also just a well-known team. It’s no surprise its token is among the most valuable.

eSports 2

3. Team Heretics ($TH)

Current Value: 3.20 CHZ

Like most fan tokens you’ll read about here, Team Heretics’ $TH enables owners to participate in polls, enter discussions with other fans, and access discounts. It also unlocks access to training facilities (through tours), helps fans obtain official signed merchandise, and even lets some appear on the team’s video series. Special hardware packages have also been announced. All of these perks, combined with the general status of Team Heretics, have led to $TH being a valuable and promising token.

4. Team Vitality ($VIT)

Current Value: 2.72 CHZ

Team Vitality fans who purchase $VIT will be able to attend live events as VIP guests. They will also have shop vouchers available for them, the ability to participate in games, as well as access to special events. Fans will also be able to participate in polls, although what decisions they will be able to play a role in has not been revealed yet.

5. Team Alliance ($ALL)

Current Value: 2.42 CHZ

Team Alliance fan token $ALL allows fans to vote on important decisions, like which video game should be the next to have an Alliance team. Participating fans will also be able to enter discussions with other fan token owners, access VIP rewards, and even participate in different types of competitions.

Esports are no longer seen as novelty entertainment. The growth in the number of fans streaming competitions and attending live events has been staggering. And as the sport continues to grow, fan tokens are becoming great indicators of people’s interest in different teams. It may be a while before the bulk of the major teams are all participating, but as of now, the above snapshot gives you a sense of which teams are resonating and why.

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