The Most Popular Online Video Games for Players All Over The World

Video Games

The gaming industry offers some of the most engaging, artistic, and entertaining content out there. It is only natural that such an industry managed to grow significantly over the past few decades. Even today, game developers and designers are experimenting with genres to figure out how to bring the most satisfying experience for a wide range of players. Some titles even gain international acclaim for their thought-provoking design, so the medium is perceived as more than just entertainment.

Online multiplayer games became a massive hit, as they promote collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving for one team to triumph. Here we will go over some of the most popular genres of online gaming.

Battle Royale

PUBG and Fortnite are two of the most popular titles with the highest player count in the world currently. Although they look drastically different on the surface level, the design core principles are the same – be the last man standing. Players need to rely on quick reflexes and make split-second decisions, but at the same time, they can implement strategy, hide, and ambush their foes. There is always a lot of room for growth, and the fast-paced nature of matches makes these titles dynamic and fun.


MOBA games are quite a spectacle on the esports scene; they are exhilarating, competitive, and highly skill-based. Titles like DOTA 2 and League of Legends have been around for a long time and got refined to the point that they barely resemble the initial releases. These two titles also have a massive international audience, and pro players get solid sponsorships. Given the popularity of the game, a lot of institutions are looking for a way to market themselves within this framework. For example, a blood bank wanted to incentivize players to donate blood by referencing the “FIRST BLOOD” event in every match.


Online casinos

Casino games are also a part of the gaming industry, even though they are created with different design philosophies. Much like other games during the pandemic, the number of online casino users went up throughout the lockdown. Many providers wanted to make the best out of the current hype and make the platforms more accessible. As a result, there are no registration casino Netherlands-based platforms that don’t even require you to sign up before playing. Casinos were popular even before they migrated to a digital environment, but many players just enjoy playing poker with other people across the world. This is just another type of skill-based game that has a competitive scene.


Online gaming was defined by this genre, more specifically World of Warcraft. During the early 2000s’ this was the most played online game, and there is still a massive audience that loves playing RPG games. Over time the games evolved into a virtual theme park, as they added lots of mini-games, customization options, or ways players can express themselves through their avatar or character. Still, MMO RPGs have an excellent PVP gameplay that also makes for a very entertaining esports competition.

Moreover, some of the bosses players need to defeat, require impeccable coordination and communication, so everyone who plays these games loves them for a particular reason. Some love progressing their character and dressing them up, others love to explore the virtual world, and some love to compete against other players. Lastly, some simply enjoy socializing with other players and spend tons of time just chatting.

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