The Most Popular PC Casino Games

When it comes to playing casino games some us simply enjoy playing them just for fun and entertainment. One of the most popular ways to play any form of casino game be it poker, blackjack or slots is on a desktop PC. This is because PCs can produce not only great graphics but seamless gameplay too. As a result, there have been a lot of casino-based games released for PCs over the years, but which are the most popular right now?

Zynga Poker – Texas Hold’em

Anyone who has an interest in casino games and more specifically poker will have heard of Zynga Poker. Zynga really is the name when it comes to playing poker for fun, not just on PC, but most other platforms too. Its a free game that allows players to connect with friends over social media as they play a variety of different poker games. Its quick paced game play and ranking system put Zynga ahead of the crowd.

Crazy Casino

Crazy Casino is a game which brings together all the key components and allows players to access them all in one place. Players can enjoy ten video gambling machines, two blackjack games and two poker games. There are also some great mini-games available for players to take advantage of which will give the user more coins to play with. The progression system will keep players coming back for more as they aim to unlock new machines and games.

AE Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games on the planet and people simply cant get enough of it. It comes as no surprise that there have been a lot of blackjack-based PC games produced over the years. One of the most popular out there right now is AE Blackjack Online which allows players to play blackjack as often as they like, and they can even link in their Facebook account to play with friends. Its a social casino masterpiece.

Simon’s Slots

Everyone enjoys playing slot games as theyre entertaining and fun. Slots are very simple to play, and they always keep the player coming back for more. When it comes to playing slot games on PC, Simons Slots is the game of choice for many people. There is a huge array of games to choose from with most of them themed. There are games to suit everyones taste and the fact that players can link up their Facebook to receive extra credits which is extremely advantageous. However, if anyone is looking for hundreds of slots games with huge progressive jackpots and great bonus features, why not check out Unibet for innovative slots and casino games.

Slots Pro

Another great slot game that can played on PC right now is Slots Pro. The game allows players to experience quality slot games for free. There are also three unique machines for members to enjoy, which all have their own special mini game. With daily bonuses and huge jackpots on offer there are plenty of different ways to win on Slots Pro and this is what makes it very appealing for players. The HD graphics and animations are really impressive too.

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