The New Xbox Controller Now Comes In Pulse Red

xbox controller red pulse

Xbox and PC gamers look like they’re about to get a whole new spectrum of color with the Pulse Red Xbox controller.

Alongside a whole swathe of hardware news this week, we just spotted the latest visual overhaul for the new Xbox Seris Controller. Now available to view, but not to buy quite yet, over at the Xbox website this new coat of color is a striking change to the more subdued launch palette of white and black.

Initially releasing the newly redesigned Xbox controller to coincide with the launch of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, gamers hoarding a rainbow of peripherals got the chance to snap up the Shock Blue variant of the new handheld at the same time. The addition of this red and white coat of color might not seem like much but it’s a sign that we might eventually get a whole plethora of new designs given time. This red variant shouldn’t be confused with the previous Xbox One Red controller, which takes a much darker tone than the brand new Pulse Red Pad.

The newly decorated Xbox controller will be available to buy from 9 February and features the same improvements as the rest of the range. You’ll find the same textured grip, hybrid D-pad, and option to seamlessly capture and share content with a dedicated Share button. You can check out the new Pulse Red Option over at the Xbox website or head over to an online retailer to check on upcoming availability before you find out what new game’s you’ll be playing with my new weapon of choice.

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