The Nintendo Switch Finally Supports Bluetooth Audio

New Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch finally supports Bluetooth audio, and thanks to a software update current Nintendo Switch owners can now use compatible headphones to go wireless right now.

In a move that has come out of leftfield, Nintendo surprised us all with a new software update last night that finally enabled Bluetooth audio on Nintendo’s on the go console. Support for these wireless audio devices was essentially turned on by Nintendo comes as part of the new update to both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. This software change means that owners of current Nintendo hardware will not need to shell out for new consoles to make use of a feature that should really have been enabled when the Switch launched in 2017.

The announcement was spotted over on Nintendo America’s social media platforms and includes a link to the official help guide for connecting Bluetooth audio to the switch, just in case wired headsets are still cutting edge where you are. While the feature gives us wireless audio now, it does come with some caveats. The online help guide confirms that connecting audio will reduce the capacity for extra controllers and Bluetooth microphones are still incompatible with the Switch, continuing to steer anybody that wants to chat onto the odd mobile communications platforms or Discord.

Owners can enable and connect Bluetooth devices by heading into the settings menu, where a new entry should arrive with the version 13.0.0 update. Using the Pair Device option in the Bluetooth menu will allow up to ten devices to be paired with the Switch, although only one active at a time.

We’ve yet to test out exactly how well or poorly the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Bluetooth audio connection performs, so there’s no guarantee that devices like the Genki Audio are done and dusted yet. While Switch fans have been quietly demanding this feature for years, it will only be worth the wait if the audio holds up. You can find out more about the update and pairing your Bluetooth audio device over on the Nintendo website now.

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