The North American League Championships Are Heating Up

North American LCS

The North American League of Legends Championships are underway, and already things are heating up. With Team Solomid aiming to defend their back to back titles, several new teams backed by the likes of the Golden State Warriors, the NBA’s Rick Fox, and legends like Team Liquid gunning for the champs it’s literally anyone’s guess who will come out on top in 2018.

Vegas odds are pointing a 3/1 for Cloud 9, with Team Liquid and SoloMid coming in at 4/1. The longshots are the new guys in the NBA Warriors’ Golden Guardians, while hopefuls like Clutch Gaming and 100 Thieves seem doubtful, but possible when it comes to taking the Spring Split.

This coming weekend (2/24 through 2/25) has a new series of games where real upsets could happen. Cloud9 faces off against 100 Thieves, and Team SoloMid goes up against Echo Fox. But whether or not these upstarts can tackle the long-standing champions is kind of up in the air. The LCS is the “old faithful” of the rising esports world, but the team disparity in terms of talent is just about the way things go in say the MLB. If you’ve got the prestige and the cash, you’re more liable to attract the top talent.

One thing’s for sure, though – the season has just begun and it’s bound to get a little crazy before the finals.

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