The Number of Players Around the Globe: Exciting Stats

Global Player Stats

Millions of people are playing video games and are willing to spend money on them. This global trend is affecting the use of games in other areas, especially in education and science. There are almost 3.1 billion gamers in the world. Accordingly, about 40% of the population plays games in one or another form. Only those clients who pay for games were included in the study. Most players use multiple platforms: game consoles, laptops, and mobile phones at once. The share of users who play on mobile phones is growing the most. They make up almost half of all video game players.

Of the 3.1 billion players, only 8% are specialized users of game consoles. This group has the highest costs per capita. 1.5 billion or 48% of video game users prefer computer games. The DFC study also has information on how many gamers live in a particular part of the world:

  • 42 billion users live in Asia,
  • 383 million players live in Europe,
  • 261 million gamers live in North America.

In each region, people have different tastes. Some of them prefer Dota 2, Call of Duty, or Super Mario, while others don’t mind getting 80 free spins Zodiac Casino and using them.

What Is The Effect of Games on Mental Health?

A new study by researchers at Oxford University has shown that gaming may be beneficial for a person’s mental health. For the first time, scientists received access to data from Electronic Arts and Nintendo of America, which showed exactly how much time gamers spent playing. Previous research of this type was based on inaccurate data provided to scientists by the players themselves.

The study involved 2,756 players from the US, the UK, and Canada. After the time spent in the game, participants filled out questionnaires about their experience, which the researchers then compared with data from Electronic Arts and Nintendo.

Scientists said that the time spent playing was a small and important positive factor for a person’s overall mental health. An article states that the enjoyment of individuals from the game can significantly affect their good mood, but it depends on the total duration of the session. The results of this study challenge the negative perception that PC games cause aggression and addiction.

Global Player Stats 1

How Are Video Games Used for Studying?

Video games can boost reading skills. These conclusions were provided by the National Literacy Trust of the United Kingdom together with the Association of Interactive Entertainment and Children’s Publishing Penguin Random House Children. The survey involved 4,626 Britons aged 11-16. It turned out that 79% of respondents who play video games read materials related to them in addition to online resources and books. The results suggest that children will soon be able to use video games not only for entertainment but also for development. Meanwhile, the Polish computer game “This War of Mine” has been added to the list of recommended activities for school children.

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