The Outer Worlds Switch Delay Due To Coronavirus

The Outer Worlds Review 2
My new companion warns that I shouldn’t dismantle the power regulator from town.

The Outer Worlds Switch port might be a tad delayed and it’s all thanks to the coronavirus outbreak sweeping through China.

Chinese developer Virtuos has been hit by problems following the recent outbreak of coronavirus in the East. The subsequent spread of this contagious strain of the flu has let many areas of the country closed down, making work problematic at best for many individuals. After more than 20,000 confirmed cases of the virus across the globe, and a potential slow down in the Chinese economy of around 5%, it’s no wonder that publisher Private Division announced a delay in the final release date for The Outer Worlds Switch port.

Good News

This delay doesn’t include a final release date as yet but it does confirm a couple of bits of good news. The Switch port Specialists at Virtuos can’t get into their offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Ho Chi Minh City but all their employees seem to be ok. Also, we’re getting a physical release. That’s right, The Outer Worlds is coming to a store shelf near you and it will have it’s very own cartridge. No empty boxes and download codes for this RPG.

Virtuos already has a pedigree for high-quality switch titles, with a history that includes Battle For Atlas, Spyro, and Dark Souls: Remastered. They picked up the Switch port of The Outer Worlds last year and continue to work as part of a team to bring this over to the diminutive console. The Outer Worlds is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows where it follows players as they launch themselves into an adventure in the corporate star system of Halcyon. An obvious spiritual successor to the Fallout franchise, it was well received and seems set to do the same for Switch audiences. The Outer Worlds delay might be unfortunate but I’m certainly willing to wait a little longer for my trip to a new adventure. You can check out more about the game over on the official website now.


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