The Pedestrian Strolls Out On PC

the pedestrian

The Pedestrian is out now on PC and the walk on puzzler is looking to cause some public disorder

Why did the Chicken cross the road? Forget about the chicken we’re talking fully anthropomorphic bipeds, or people. Available as of this moment and developed by Skookum Arts, the Pedestrian is a very distinct 2.5 D puzzler that challenges players to unscramble their environment to traverse a life-like 3D world. Players opting to take on the lively world in front of them will face traffic, cluttered street, steaming pipes, music-filled elevators, and the odd construction yard. There isn’t any need for more walls, so The Pedestrian replaces this with a street sign system for its puzzles. By collecting and slotting together 2D street signs, players can work out a way around the challenges that the cityscape has to throw at them.

Stepping Out

Originally the subject of a Kickstarter campaign that racked up over $30,000 of funding, the Pedestrian takes to the street thanks to, Skookum Arts, a three-man team based in north-central Ohio. It has taken something around three years to bring to life and managed to scoop a SXSW game award in the process, back in 2017. Now it’s up to you to cross the road, subway, and construction yard. Nothing can possibly go wrong surely?

The release of The Pedestrian came at us out of nowhere, we never saw it coming, and it’s left us a bit dazed and confused. The original premise, cool graphics, and funky jazz soundtrack make it the perfect looking title if you are looking for a brain scratcher that is distinctly different. The Pedestrian is out now on PC. Find out more by checking out the release trailer above or heading over to the Steam Store page for more detail and grab the 10% launch discount now.


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