The Red Lantern Is Out Now With All Your Favorite Doggos

The Red Lantern, an interesting new take on the traditional walking sim just pulled out onto PC and Nintendo Switch today, and it’s full of the best doggos.

Available now on PC, via the Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch the Red lantern is a narrative survival game where you’ll set out to navigate the Alaskan brush and find a way back home. Best of all, you’ll need a pack of sled dogs to do it. Rather than trudge through the harsh outdoors of Alaska, players stranded on the wrong side of town can build a pack of 5 sled dogs and push out into the wild to get where they need to. Along the way, you’ll decide how you want to interact with the environment. You could tackle it head on and hunt everything that moves or be a little more cautious. Of course, you’ll need to keep you and your team of dogs alive while you experience the hundreds of potential events that could occur while you are outside.

Produced by the indie team at Timberline Games, The Red Lantern seems like an interesting twist on a traditional walking sim. Mixing in roguelike survival elements and an ever changing world that reacts to your choices, this seemingly simple idea looks like it might have some legs, 22 of them including the player character. Players looking to set out into this gorgeous looking new adventure can pick up The Red lantern on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop or by booting up their PC and fetching from the Epic Games Store. As of right now, you can still pick up a 20% discount form the RRP on the Epic Games Store, until 10/29/2020. Otherwise, a ride on this sled will set you back $24.99 or local equivalent. You can check out the trailer for The Red lantern above or head over to the official website for more details

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