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battlefield V

EA came out with details about what exactly the Road to Battlefield V is, and how it can benefit players of Battlefield 1, alongside benefits for Battlefield V when it launches.

“As we prepare for the launch of Battlefield™ V on October 19, we wanted to celebrate the players who love Battlefield by giving them opportunities to unlock various rewards while experiencing the best of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4.  Over the course of the summer, we’re giving away expansions from both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 to base game owners for free*. Battlefield 1 players can also earn gear for later use in Battlefield V, such as an exclusive paratrooper gear and weapon skins.” Quoted from their official blog page.

Many of us have known about the free expansions they’ve been handing out month after month, and this shall continue in the months leading up to the October release of Battlefield V.  Back in May, In the Name of the Tsar was released followed closely behind by Turning Tides for free as part of this promotion, with Apocalypse coming soon at the end of the month!

Outside of these expansion giveaways, they are doing weekly rewards for players to earn weekly in-game rewards for Battlefield 1 for just playing.  There is a new menu that outlines what each weekly is, and what needs to be done to complete them, as well as the reward for completing them.

There will be weekly map rotations tailored every Tuesday exclusively for this promotion.  These will tour a variety of Battlefield 1 maps as well as offering a great way to complete those aforementioned weekly challenges.

What’s more, is these daily/weekly challenges will also periodically reward you in game rewards for Battlefield V, exclusively through this event.  These items will not be obtainable after launch, and you can use them day one of Battlefield V!  Through pre-ordering, you get six exclusive skins, but you can get an extra two from the Road to Battlefield V event.  So get out there and finish those challenges!



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