The Road to TennoCon 2021 Revealed

Warframe developer Digital Extremes has announced all the fantastic details for the forthcoming TennoCon 2021. As with last year, this year’s event will be a virtual-only convention but with all the goodness packed inside that players and fans would expect. During TennoCon 2021, players will be able to earn in-game rewards, take part in virtual activities, and hear some of the dev team’s plans for the game over the coming year.

As the countdown to the July 17th event begins, Digital Extremes has lots of terrific stuff to look forward to including:

During the event, fans will be able to check out a number of behind-the-scenes things such as:

  • Sounds of the System that explores how sounds are created
  • Live Developer Q&A
  • The Art of Warframe
  • Community Art Show and Cosplay Contest
  • TennoLive where everything anyone wants to know about the future of the game is announced

Check out the TennoCon 2021 page on the Warframe site to learn more.

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