The Servants of The Manor Join Brown Dust

Servants of The Manor

Brown Dust, the Side scrolling strategic title from Neowiz is about o get crowded. Join the Servants of The Manor as the join the latest update to Brown Dust.

Launching today, the Servants of The Manor update brings a range of new additions to the mobile RPG. This is not the first time Neowiz has expanded on Brown Dut since its DATE launch. Now, with over 2 million downloads on iOS and Android players can engage in a new adventure. After months of turn-based battles, players will ut their campaign for revenge to one side and set out to find a missing empress. Empress Isema has disappeared and over the course of a month, players can collect evidence, dropped randomly by the in-game campaign, and try to piece together the fate of the beloved monarch. As well as collecting hints from the Rune Temple, Arena, and Novice Arena, players might also find 5-star skill books, diamonds, premium scrolls, and much more magnificent treasure.

If the prospect of this new challenge seems a little much, don’t worry. Players will also find they can bolster the ranks of their mercenary squad with three brand new fighters. Like other add ons, the addition of new mercenaries is a major highlight in Brown Dust. Anastasia, Antonio, and Kanna, the Servants of The Manor, are the latest of these new recruits and bring a new set of tactics to combat in Brown Dust. You can get a glimpse of the three in the trailer below.

Both Anastasia and Antonio are 5-star warriors although they couldn’t be further apart. While Anastasia does incredible long range damage, Antonio can defend against an equally astonishing amount of pressure. Kanna also adds the option to take down enemy defenders, opening their ranks up to some serious damage.

With some awesome looking comrades coming to a game that we found to be a refreshing and thoughtful title, it might be the right time to jump into Brown Dust. With a bunch of events running between 30 May and 23 June getting a ragtag band of mercenaries up to snuff shouldn’t be too difficult. The Servants of The Manor update is live now and you can download Brown Dust for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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